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Aug 2, - I think my penis hole has small cut, after my girlfriend given me an oralsex with her tounge play digged into the hole, it excites but after sex when urinate I found some pain in the head, i see some s. What is the procedure of Meatotomy? Candice. Age: 30. Text and Email are fine but please keep it short! My Physician filled a script of Azithromycin mg. I had sex the other day and right after vaginal intercourse. Jan 27, - I had a cut on my penis hole (dont know what to call it) The cut extends the hole about twice its normal size. i think i got it when it got caught on my zipper but its been years and i never did anythi. Jillian. Age: 27. Hi gentleman ?? Small cut in penis hole Jul 1, - I instantly found that the membrane of skin linked between the shaft of the penis and the base of the head had snapped and this caused slight bleeding. After cleaning the area, the pain stopped. Is this an important part and should I go to the doctor? The cut is clean and there is no tearing to the foreskin. I am a 32y/o white male, 5'10", lbs. The tip of my penis has always been very sensitive. It has often become irritated during exercise, especially long runs or bike rides. A couple days ago I think I may have torn my meatus(pee hole) during masturbation. The hole seem slightly elongated. The tear is at the.

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Aya. Age: 29. Only message in WhatsApp please ?? kisses ! I am Cayleya from Romania 29 years New VIP escort girl in Tel aviv for You send my message WhatsApp I wait you bby thank you for viziting my profile This extra skin that grows in the urethral opening acts like the tip of a garden hose being blocked or pinched. This causes the stream of urine to spray or deflect upward. To let the urine flow freely, a small cut is made to enlarge the hole. The cut is made in the tissue at the end of the penis and this tissue is called meatus. Penile subincision is a form of body modification consisting of a urethrotomy, in which the underside of the penis is incised and the urethra slit open lengthwise, from the urethral opening (meatus) toward the base. The slit can be of varying lengths. Subincision is traditionally performed around the world, notably in Australia. Oct 20, - Injuries to the male genital area scrotum or penis. Types of Genital Cut. Minor cuts or scrapes heal quickly. Bruise. Minor bruises heal quickly. Zipper Injury. The foreskin or skin on the penis can get caught on a zipper. Most parents will A symptom of a damaged urethra is blood at the penis opening.


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