Pelvic rest and orgasm

On 3/10 I was put on bed rest for 5 days due to a subchorionic hemmorage. I went back to my dr 3/17 and although I am not on bed rest they did say pelvic rest and no sex at least until my next ultrsoun. Pelvic Rest (What, What, WHAT?!) -- The Pregnant Life | CafeMom Sarah. Age: 26. * Reference The problem is this: Triggers of spontaneous preterm delivery--why today? Feb 17, - Hi ladies, I have been on pelvic rest for 5 weeks now I believe because of a small bleed in my uterus. Have any of you orgasmed while on pelvic rest Orgasm and pelvic rest - November Babies. Ryan. Age: 28. enter in my world of discretion and passion pour amour ! Pelvic rest means no orgasms?!? My placenta is cm away from my cervix instead of 2cm, he put me on pelvic rest until my next us (4/12). He said it will likely (crossing my fingers) correct itself. I didn't realize how annoying no sex would be. I was wondering if anyone else is on pelvic rest and if you are, are you refraining from orgasms?Pelvic rest and orgasms while asleep. Apr 3, - If your doctor says you need to be on pelvic rest, it doesn't mean no masturbation, oral sex, hand-play, snuggling, breast play, grinding, rubbing, kissing, or orgasms. It just means no penetration in the vagina. If you're ever unsure what your doctor is saying, ask for clarification. If your doctor wants you to.

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Meg. Age: 21. If you want to meet girls of your dreames you have to call me! I am a nice girl who can make you feel wonderful! You can have a very good time and have a great experience! Thankyou So I was put on pelvic rest last week because they found subchorionic hematoma in my u/s, but my conversation with the doctor was on the phone, and it was so short and I didn't know what to ask. Mar 30, - The problem is this: I have one more month of orgasms, and then – pelvic rest. Pelvic. Rest. Do you know what that means? It sounds like someone settling into one of those drawer-beds that Japanese businessmen sleep in and sliding into a nice vagina-nap. What it really means is – no sex. Advertisement. Then, when I thought he would reciprocate he said " Oh no, that wouldn't be pelvic rest!" I was so ticked off! I was assuming that I could have an orgasm in another way (without him entering me) and I really felt that he was being selfish. Sorry that this is TMI but I'm not sure how else I can explain the siidhu.infote Pelvic Rest - Is penetration the issue or is.


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