Anus external muscle sphincter

Jump to External links - Muscles; Spaces. peripharyngeal · retropharyngeal · parapharyngeal · retrovisceral · danger · prevertebral · Pterygomandibular raphe · Pharyngeal raphe · Buccopharyngeal fascia · Pharyngobasilar fascia · Piriform sinus · Esophagus. Sphincters. upper · lower · glands · Stomach. Curvatures. Internal anal sphincter | anatomy | Medea. Age: 25. I am joyful passionate and I love laughing In a considerable proportion of cases the fibers decussate in front of the anus, and are continuous with the Transversi perinaei superficiales. It is mediated by intrinsic neural pathways in the wall of the rectum and anus, mediated by VIP and NO. Involuntary parasympathetic nerves traveling over the pelvic nerve control the tone of the internal anal sphincter. The external anal sphincter consists of striated muscle that is controlled voluntarily by somatic motor neurons that exit the spinal cord at S2–S4 and travel over the pudendal nerve. The internal anal sphincter. Cherokee. Age: 28. *****I can send proof PICS if you can call me from your HOTEL!***** External anal sphincter The Sphincter ani externus (External sphincter ani) is a flat plane of muscular fibers, elliptical in shape and intimately adherent to the integument surrounding the margin of the anus. It measures about 8 to 10 cm. in length, from its anterior to its posterior extremity, and is about cm. broad opposite the anus. It consists of. The anal sphincter is divided into an internal and external anal sphincter. It surrounds the anal canal. Gross anatomy Internal anal sphincter continuation of inner rectal muscle thickened, circular muscle fibres, up to 5 mm thick composed.

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Darryl. Age: 23. lara The internal sphincter is formed from a thickening of the smooth muscle of the circular coat of the anal canal at its upper end. The internal anal sphincter is entirely involuntary in its action. It helps the external anal sphincter to occlude the anal canal. Parasympathetic fibers from the pelvic segments of the spinal cord supply it.


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