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There are many BDSM aficionados who enjoy spanking as part of their broad-based interest in this thing we do (TTWD). The focus of this blog, however, is on those who engage in spanking almost exclusively and typically do not venture far from that norm. Certainly, we all spread the envelop and that is fine. The following is. "Spank therapy" is apparently a thing, and here's what that means - HelloGiggles Denise. Age: 27. smooth skin complete my uniquely exotic look. Life is full of choices. This video kind of illustrates my problem with spanking as a true punishment: it takes so long to get to the point that it hurts that by the time it does both parties are just well bored. I mean, I was bored by this video far too quickly. It looked like the spanker was treating it as a job, and the spankee was waiting for her cue to. Capri. Age: 25. I'm all yours! All Things Pixie Jan 15, - Girls when you spank him, it is better to put him across your bare thighs, as I am doing, because he will stain your cloths with his seman if you don't do as I say. This way you can feel when his seman spurts out on your thigh, and that is good, because the spanking will do him a lot more good after he has. Jul 10, - With all the content I have of the spanking Goddess Amber Pixie Wells I decided to make her, her own page. Aliases: Aunt Melissa(LAP Productions), Heather Heller(Shadow Lane) Trish(One video on Spanking Online) These are scenes in the infancy of Pixie's video career. The videos these photos were.

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Beatrice. Age: 18. Hello gentleman Always remember to find your strength in Him who is able todo all things! Topic of Debate: Spanking A topic that is often debated is spanking. It's unlikely that this will ever be settled to everyone's liking. I'd like to propose that no definitive study reveals that spanking has promoted or prompted violence as one ages and then. Aug 7, - As far as spanking therapy actually helping someone deal with a trauma in their life, that's an ongoing conversation amongst researchers — though some are quick to sing its praises. “Just Google 'spanking therapy'— it's all focused on positivity, healing, and working through issues in a safe, supportive. Oct 18, - NYH Felina Spank - Things We Broke by New York Haunted, released 18 October 1. NYH 01 NYH 03 Felina Spank - Abismal This EP is probably the closest thing NYH will ever come to releasing a band. Get all New York Haunted releases available on Bandcamp and save 80%.


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