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Teen Court youth give back to the community and make efforts to repair the harm caused by their behavior. In part, this reparation comes in the form of service to the community by assisting at local non-profit agencies. Teen Court operates with Community Service Points and the youth must earn points in the categories of. How Teen Court Works Ariana. Age: 29. Guaranteed satisfaction This article's Criticism or Controversy section may compromise the article's neutral point of view of the subject. If the pair wants to continue, they will be referred to another community mentoring program such as Big Brothers Big Sisters for support. Most teen courts are sentencing courts in which the offender has already admitted guilt or pleaded no contest. Many teen courts operate much like a traditional court, holding hearings before a judge and jury with the jury deliberating to determine an appropriate disposition. Other courts employ different structures, such as a. Gabriella. Age: 30. Call for an experience you'll never forget!! Find CIS on the social web Unlike other problem-solving court models, teen court programs do not operate as a court within the judicial branch of government, but rather as part of a diversion process that works to keep youth from formal court proceedings in the juvenile justice system (Fischer ). Target Population. Teen courts are spreading. Teen Court Program Overview. Teen Court is a community-based, Court-operated intervention program designed to provide an alternative response from the juvenile justice system for the first-time misdemeanor offender. Teen Court adheres to the restorative justice theory, which is based on the premise of accountability to.

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Robin. Age: 19. accustomed to the best in life. 2) Teen courts operated by the Arizona Superior Court in. Maricopa County, Arizona;. 3) Montgomery County Teen Court in Rockville, Maryland; and. 4) Independence Youth Court in Independence, Missouri. More than teen court cases from the four sites were compared with similar cases handled by the traditional. Further, Teen Court prevents the harm caused to a young person by unnecessary involvement in the juvenile justice system. For the students who participate as jurors, clerks and bailiffs, Teen Court offers valuable lessons about how courts operate and what it is like to be a part of the justice system. Many Teen Court jurors. Letter from the Authors. The St. Clair County Teen Court operates a peer jury restorative justice model program. In November , Teen Court began its third year of operation. During these years, The Teen Court has gone from a pilot project to a robust operation that conducts two courts, simultaneously, one Saturday.


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