Bikini clad baristas cause uproar

Dec 31, - Washington Town in Uproar Over Coffee Shop's Facebook Rants Sips Ahoy, a self-titled "sexy sailor coffee shop" where baristas serve cups of Joe while wearing bikinis, recently became the subject of ire after owner Meghan Calavan reportedly engaged in a heated online exchange with local woman. Bikini-Clad Baristas Stir Parents’ Outrage Amai. Age: 24. No dinners Bubba Wallace set to make history as black driver in Daytona. Royal wedding dress a top UK secret. A Colorado coffee shop owner is following a growing trend that has baristas wear bikinis to boost profits. Spencer. Age: 30. **Bisexual** Bikini (or less) Baristas? Jun 18, - A suburban Denver coffee shop whose bikini-clad baristas prompted a boycott has closed its doors. I'll bet these phony bastards would have no objection to taking their child to an NBA Basketball or NFL game, but bikini clad ladies at a coffee shop; OH MY GOODNESS, It caused a tremendous uproar. Mar 27, - Think about this the next time you're having your morning coffee: How much better would your AM be if the coffee you're drinking had been lovingly been prepared by a barista wearing nothing but a bikini, a thong, or a couple of stickers up top and some booty shorts down below? Would you be pleased?Missing: uproar.

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Katia. Age: 21. Your stunning bi sexual 26 year old blond British beauty Oct 5, - George F. Will: Bikini-clad baristas serve up a lesson in free speech. A free society should give generous protection even to expressions that serve no public purpose, but just make the expressing persons happy. 6. George F. Will: Bikini-clad baristas serve up a lesson in free speech. George Will | The  Missing: cause ‎uproar. Jun 13, - It is not known if owner Jason Bernal was banking on the controversy surrounding the concept of bikini baristas when he decided to bring open his the bikini weenie crew first hit the street, police reported a rash of calls from drivers who were allegedly concerned the scantily-clad women would cause an. In my State the bikini or pastie clad baristas at our coffee stands are causing quite an uproar. People are protesting all over the place. I was listening to a radio talk show last night and a caller stated something to the effect that it is only women that have let their bodies go that have a problem with this, that it is only jealousy.


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