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Mar 12, - i remember the first time i had an orgasm it was like a choir of angels starting singing "HALLELUJAH" and i was seeing stars and there was fireworks i like how the girl with the purple shirt used terms like 'people with vaginas' instead of assuming all girls have vaginas, or all men have a penis. good on. What Happens During Female Orgasm | POPSUGAR Love & Sex Hope. Age: 24. I will love u every minute u spend with me Every woman is capable of having the orgasm, but it'll never happen if he doesn't know how to give it to her. Although women generally need more time to become sexually aroused than men, they possess a special advantage — multiple orgasms. Sep 7, - Multiple orgasms can occur a mere one or two minutes after the initial climax for women. Pina. Age: 20. Spanking or whipping is not a must if you do not enjoy them. Perhaps i can show you how erotic can be a little whipping. I can offer you the ultimate erotic experience that being either a massage, riding you hard or whatever you like best. Female Orgasm: How to Give a Woman an Orgasm Aug 9, - Whether it happens intentionally or by accident, most women remember the first time they hit the orgasm jackpot. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Female Orgasm. You need this information if you want to give her the greatest pleasure. By The Editors of Men's Health January 6, Orgasm women. Shutterstock. It can be hard enough to understand women in general, let alone the female orgasm. So to help you bring  Missing: remember.

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Kayla. Age: 25. My e-mail: azalia Sep 2, - Vibrators can't kiss and cuddle, or make women laugh, or love them. They do just one thing, and some women need that one thing to have orgasms. Hold her close as you invite her to use the vibrator. Just remember, you don't “give” her orgasms. In a loving relationship, the man's job is to create an erotic. These researchers learned another fascinating piece of information about women's orgasm. It's not that one orgasm “type” is universally better than the other—remember, every woman is different and has her own preferences—but it does help explain why they might feel somewhat different to women. And if it's true that. Jun 20, - Indeed, our own organisation– the Medical Information Service – has designed many of these. The results of these surveys have taken the But do remember that most women find that their ability to climax varies according to what part of their menstrual cycle they're in. It's quite common for a woman to feel.


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