Why japanese cars suck

Mar 26, - by Mike Kojima As a hardcore Japanese car enthusiast, it pains me to write this. I have seen the Japanese car phenomena go full circle first hand. When I was a little kid, adults used to snicker and the funny little weird crap boxes that were first imported from Japan by Datsun, Toyota and then Honda. Japanese Cars Suck! Nika. Age: 20. Love You have no argument. Examples of Japanes cars include the Mitsubishi Lancer, which is produced by the same company that in World War II produced fighter planes that the Japanese Imperial Navy used to attack and kill American pilots. Lately the Japanese have been trying to make pickup trucks and Sport-utility vehicles, but they suck at it just. Ilona. Age: 26. I am Young sweet & wild lady with a easy going personality based in Bournemouth able to receive you over to my discrete clean place almost every day from midday til late! 4 Reasons why European cars suck - By a diehard European car fanboy. Jun 3, - On this article about the awesome imported Toyota Soarer & Crown. The guy called the cars, "soulless," "ugly," "pensioner's cars". Have a few soulless, ugly pensioner's cars to remind you that no Japanese carmaker, particularly not Toyota, had ever made a beautiful, soulful sports car. Ever. Nope. May 28, - The fact that Cadillac makes a proper Toyota Supra successor, for the same price those were in , is one reason why my being a fan of Japanese cars ends at the dawn of this century. I LOVE 80s and 90s Japanese cars, especially the tuner cars. However I IDK. Modern Japanese car companies suck.

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Abella. Age: 24. 702 - 272 - 0157 Jun 14, - I would see the major difference as one between longetivity for the Japanese cars and technological and engineering prowess of the Germans. I have been a The Germans do suck at cup holders because culturally they can't understand how Americans can live, eat and drink in their cars. The Japanese products cover the  Why do Honda engines suck in F1? The reliability is so low. Mar 27, - No, I disagree about allnew Japanese cars suck, they have simply evolved and have gotten more complex so I'd say different, not worse. The Japanese are guilty of building cars people want to buy. And if enthusiasts do not buy enough new sports cars, there's less incentive for any manufacturer to keep. Oh, and don't get so butthurt over people telling you that your car sucks, because it does and it always will. Getting angry over random comments on the internet is pathetic, much like Japanese cars and you. Anyway, you better get back to jerking off your JDM boyfriend in the back of your '89 Civic. 0 △ ▽. 2 years ago. Reply.


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