A sneeze is an orgasm

Mar 29, - Does sneezing really cause a tenth of an orgasm? We reveal the science of sneezes, from how to stop them to what they can show about YOUR personality. IS SNEEZING REALLY A FRACTION OF AN ORGASM? We reveal the science of sneezes | Daily Mail Online Linda. Age: 26. I am a sexy blonde bombshell who love to have erotic moments If it doesn't work, try releasing the pressure and reapplying repeatedly for best results. Jun 3, - There's something satisfying about a good sneeze, right? But what's the tie-in with having an orgasm? Allow us to explain: sneezing is basically just getting rid of germs via a. Nyomi. Age: 20. Hi there...i am muriel, 33y, living in ghent belgium but from brazilian origin. Is A Sneeze Really An Eighth Of An Orgasm? Feb 9, - Is sneezing seven times in a row the same as an orgasm? Sep 23, - I wondered the other day, after I sneezed and scared the absolute bejesus out of my workmates, whether perhaps I was sneezing the wrong way. My sneezes give absolutely no warning and are shitscaringly LOUD. But even I was a bit taken aback when one of my colleagues encouraged me to “keep.

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Chelsey. Age: 21. Look frw to hearing from you.. Jun 2, - You may have been sneezing since the day you were born, but do you actually understand what's happening when you do? This common bodily function can still be mysterious: Why is it so loud? Why does it feel so satisfying? And how come a sneeze can occasionally be so disgusting? All of the answers. Orgasm Sneezing, Sleep Sexing, and Orgasm Migraines? It Gets Worse, Much Worse.


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