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Sep 16, - omg, that's so rude of people. They are invading her privacy by taking pictures, ect. What sick perverts! So a guy can just piss all over the place and its fine, common. But when a girl does it OMG ITS APPARENTLY THE END OF TGE WORLD!!! Come on people, get a grip!. Read more. Show less. Reply. Peeing Your Pants (girls only) - Mister Poll Aidra. Age: 21. Upscale Spanish & Middle Eastern Los Angeles Escort You can reach around and grab the crotch of the shorts and pull them forward to be sure they are well out of the way. One of the key challenges of all types of practice and research is finding a way to measure the problem. Aug 29, - girl next time you should had put girl chat and no this title. Read more. Show less. Reply Just be proud of your vulva and pee wherever you want.. Read more Nice quality video, but the content is horrible. your title should be, "watch me drone on for over 6 minutes about peeing outside." i am not sure. Delotta. Age: 26. I am graceful with a tempting mind and imagination, 5'9 Peeing Your Pants (girls only) Jan 12, - Girls Try To Pee Standing Up For The First Time .. I still loved girl things and being a girl but the ONLY reason was because I hated peeing while sitting out of curiosity one time I tried to pee while standing. Ladies, peeing while you're standing up is not that great of a thing when you have bad aim. Subject: RE: Peeing! (Girls only). It really all depends on how long the race is and how much you hydrate (or over hydrate). If you are talkin' sprint distance you shouldn't have to pee. Even an Oly I would say that you can hold it that long. I did a HIM last year and waited til T2 (about 4 hours in for me).

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Kayla. Age: 18. I am funny spontaneous and hot Feb 27, - 22 users here now. A sub for videos of girls casually letting loose. Rules: Peeing must be nonchalant/casual (duh). Descriptive titles. Girls only. Drinking and/or playing is fine, but make sure it is labeled as such. It has to appear as if it is second nature though! created by Drthrowaway_MDa community for Jan 9, - Study Concludes That Women Who Squirt During Sex Are Actually Peeing. Share on Facebook · Share on All of the women had empty bladders before sexual excitation, however, urine collected just before squirting showed that the bladder was filling up. Urine sampled after squirting revealed. Jan 30, - This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to then you should leave now. The fisrt half of this will be trying to make you wet yourself. The rest will be you definately wetting your self. are you a male or female? male (please leave). female (please continue).


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