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Mar 28, - Ed Sheeran has a noticeable scar on his face. Initially rumors circulated that the Shape Of You singer got it from an incident involving a sword and Princess Beatrice. However, James Blunt has since revealed that Ed made up the story and accidentally cut his face while drunk. Whaaaaat???? 15 Celebrity Scars Stories | siidhu.info Jaime. Age: 25. Come play in the snow tonight, one taste of me and youll never want to leave!! I also have major scarring from the sun, due to liver porhyria cutenea tarda sorry to burst your bubble on vampires, is what inspired stories, myths. Complications during labor forced doctors to utilize forceps, severing a nerve and leading to paralysis of the lower left side of his face. Do you have scars that you wish they would magically go away? If you answered yes, then don't feel bad about yourself. Even the most famous people in tinsel town, such as Tina Fey, Harrison Ford and Seal have scars on their face and body. Yes, you read that right. Celebrities have flaws, too. Sometimes, it's just a matter. Tahnee. Age: 24. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet kisssssses for u 10 Wild Stories Of How Celebrities Got Their Scars Dec 12, - Another claims he was wounded by shrapnel while serving in the Navy, or was hit in the face while transporting a handcuffed naval prisoner who asked him for a cigarette and then blindsided him. All of these stories could be apocryphal, as Bogart's post-service physical does not mention the scar, despite. Jul 2, - World Record Longest Domino Line Video Is Hypnotizing. Deer Tackles Man in British Columbia Parking Lot Surveillance Video. Grandma Hit Directly in the Face By Poop-Throwing Chimp. Villagers Find Missing Farmer Inside Of Monstrous Python That Swallowed Him Whole. © Rant, Inc.

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Lydia. Age: 23. all foto my REAL!!!PLS DONT ASK SENDING ANOTHER FOTO IN WUTAAP!! FOTO REAL!!I STAY IN CENTRUM IN ANTALYA!!! Jan 2, - Carrie Underwood may be nervous to reveal her face after suffering a fall at home, but these eight celebrities ALSO have face scars. Nov 5, - Blemishes, birthmarks, tattoos Makeup can hide almost anything, but the cover-up has to come off eventually. Click through to uncover which stars actually have some pretty serious scars! Rihanna shocked the world in when the singer revealed a scar on her face that hadn't been there before.


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