Lost my virginity and feel nauseated

4 days ago - I didn't feel nauseous after my first time. I didn't feel anything. I think that losing virginity is only thought to be a big deal but the sex itself for the first time is nothing special. At least, it wasn't in my case. I didn't bleed either, many girls don't bleed, that's not a problem. Do you think your girlfriend just got scared. Expect after losing your virginity - Things You Didn't Know Brea. Age: 22. Hi there. Im a young, sexy, cheeky girl who would love to pleasure you. I am tall and slim, english, pale with red hair and blue eyes. I am friendly, smily with a wild side that maybe your get to see :p Buy a test, use the test, take a deep breath of relief and for the sake of everything holy, use a damn condom! Oct 27, - I lost my virginity to my boyfriend over the weekend and although we used condoms as protection, I am still very afraid that I might have become pregn But it doesn't help that I may have caught a stomach bug from an ill friend of mine as I am convinced that the nausea I am feeling is morning sickness. Sophie. Age: 20. CURRENT HEALTH TEST IS ME ! Is it normal after losing my virginity??? Jan 21, - i remember i felt abit faint and sick after my first time, as well as sore and achey. i think it's your body going into shock abit. as it's something that is different and you have had a foreign object inserted into you. i remember i was ok untill i got home and i felt like i had to sit down and have a glass of water. it did. i felt it and said no and he pulled it out so he probably had only put in the tip, but the next day i felt super nauseous and am super scared i may be pregnant! Is it normal after losing my virginity??? But you're not pregnant most likely because the nauseous feeling is you worrying yourself and stressing yourself out.

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Celine. Age: 29. Call me Why am I feeling sick after losing my virginity? asked under Sexual Health. Everyone around him was cheering and roaring their approval. Then Tariq Ali stood up, and he too made a passionate speech. The crowd stamped and shouted at the tops of their voices as if they were about to descend upon the Bastille. I began to feel a little queasy. At Stowe there had been a very cruel tradition. Each boy. In fact, I was in the ER the month before I lost my virginity, and they did an ultrasound due to abdominal pain. a anxiety disorder which is obviously where this is all coming from, and it gets so bad that I physically make myself sick thinking all this, which only freaks me out more then because I feel sick.


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