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Dec 22, - If you love smelling like a fresh gyro sandwich during sex, and who doesn't, then make like the ancient Greeks and toss your salad with olive oil. The earliest written evidence of it being used for increased genital glide dates back to BC (around the same time the leather dildo became popular), meaning. Best Lub for masturbation ( Castor oil + olive oil ) Klarisa. Age: 24. I'm a fun outgoing beautiful woman Topics covered by the FAQ and in countless threads already will be removed, as will posts that do not follow the guidelines in the FAQ. I use almond oil. Oils, any kind of oil. Preferably one of the types that are refined and designed for consumption, i.e. Castor Oil or Olive Oil. 2. Non-consumable Oil: Baby Oil. 3. Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline (TM) Emergency Lubes 4. Body Balm, only used. Ash. Age: 25. All around amazing playmate, no matter the situation I shine 7 Unexpected new lubes to masturbate with tonight Learn what other patients are saying about Castor Oil and Masturbation. Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Best Lub for masturbation (Castor oil + olive oil) ".

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Hollie. Age: 26. I am an intelligent, very sexy with natural breasts, well-educated, well-prepared and always well dressed to handle any occasion Whats a safe lube for masturbating? Ocasionally I get this will of masturbating with a finger or two in my ass, what can I use thats safe to do this?NoFap Really Did Change My Life!: NoFap. Oct 26, - After the body has given up, trying to re-heal with more scar tissue, then your client should keep applying organic caster oil, morning and night, until the plaque that causes the Peyronies penis curvature is dissolved. I would recommend that the gentleman use Organic Caster Oil to masturbate with as. Jun 24, - Since returning from Scotland my son has been extremely attached to me, which makes it hard to find self-pleasure time. I started my session by brushing all the knots out of my hair and getting ready for a steam shower. Once I got into the shower, my son had an “I want my mommy!” meltdown, so I got out.


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